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Abraham Demoz MD - Sunshine Medical Brooklyn New York

About Dr Demoz

Dr. Abraham Demoz is a practicing physician in Brooklyn New York. His practice Sunshine Medical includes three locations dedicated to Internal Medicine.

Dr Demoz graduated from Addis Ababa University Ethiopia as a Medical Doctor and holds MSc in Clinical Pharmacology and a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Aberdeen UK and the University of Bergen, Bergen Norway, respectively. He finished his Internal Medicine studies at SUNY in Brooklyn in 1996 and has worked in out-patient and emergency department settings for more than 14 years.

Dr.Demoz had conducted extensive research on antioxidants and is well versed in the subject. In fact, he has authored and co-authored over 20 publications in antioxidants, fish oil and lipid lowering medications. He believes many medical complications can be prevented with the proper and directed use of supplements. His opinion on the subject is well noted in the medical community and he is thought of as a key opinion leader by his peers. His current interest is focus on Internal Medicine and complementary medicine including vitamin therapeutics, medically supervised weight loss & wellness and anti-aging.

Dr. Demoz is fluent in four languages; Tigrinya, Amharic, Norwegian and English. He works closely with the community to enhance disease awareness among populations that are fluent in those languages as well.

As part of his practice he recommends various supplements to his patients for specific diseases in addition to prescribed medicines. Moreover he has pioneered the Demoz Wellness and Demoz Weightloss programs to help his patients live healthier and longer lives.

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